A Notable Classmate

Row 2 Far Right Guess Who!

Recently in “Miss Molly Goes to Harvard” I told the story of my first day at Harvard Law School, a simple God-fearing, Auburn football-loving sorority girl entering a new world. I failed to mention one notable classmate.  Here is a clue . . . while I call my blog In-House Counsel she could start a blog and call it In-the-White-House-Counsel.

Yes, Michelle Robinson Obama was in my Harvard Law Class of 1988. Above and below are our yearbook pictures from our third year. (Her also notable husband came along a year or so after we left.)

I do wish I had fun stories to share of days spent debating politics or browsing through fabulous Harvard Square bookstores together, but I did not know her well.   I knew who she was and that she had gone to Princeton.  I recall that she was tall, lovely, and dressed, even then, with a casual flair that made her stand  out among the other jeans and sweatshirts clad students.

We have both gone on the bigger and better things. She is addressing the Democratic National Convention, while I sit at home writing about how out of place I felt that first day we entered Harvard. And maybe she did too.  I wish her well.

Although we are at opposite ends of the political spectrum, I admire the example she is of a devoted mother. She and the President appear to have a genuinely loving and committed marriage. She is gracious and kind.

But, I wouldn’t trade places with her for anything.  I think I am a much better mom to boys than I would be to girls. I KNOW I am a much better wife to my husband than I would be to hers.   No, I am better off right where I am.

If it were Ann Romney I was going to trade places with . . . five sons . . . Mitt . . . I might have to think a second or two about that.

The Romney Family at Fenway, Park
Boston, MA

But I still don’t think I would do it.  I love my life.

And I’m not sure Auburn has a big enough airport for Air Force One to fly into on Game Day.

The Powell Family at Jordan-Hare Stadium
Auburn, Alabama


16 thoughts on “A Notable Classmate

    1. In-House Counsel

      Thanks Courtney. It was fun to pull out the old yearbook. I had not remembered that the yearbook had a picture of Nelson Mandela on the cover. Divestment in South Africa was a major issue of the time at the law school.

  1. northernvirginiachronicle

    An interesting post. I do believe that is the first time I have seen that photo of Michelle Obama.


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